Thursday, July 22, 2010

Especially fot the Ladies!!!

Memang menakutkan..Artikel ni aku jumpe frm kawan aku..die bagi through email.. And i rase tak salah if i nak kongsi to all blog reader about this..Penah tak korang di snap oleh orang yang you all tak kenal..???

Ambik gambar dari jauh, mulanya sti you all rase cam perasan ensem n cantik sebab bangga ade orang ambik gambar (well, this feeling ade sket dalam diri aku..hahaha ..cantik ke? ^_^)

Tapi sebenarnya, bende ni bahaya tau..penah tengok cerita omputih tak? Camera yang boleh nampak segala benda..sounds takut n seram..So malas nak type banyak2, u all just read je artikel kat bawah ni key..I think this info bagus untuk di kongsi bersama...

See Through Clothes

(These two See Through Clothes video-grabs were taken at the same instant with identical Panasonic NV-S2 camcorders. The camera on the right, however, was modified - ICF removed - and fitted with a KAYA PF1 See Through Clothes filter.

Also click here to view a See Through Clothes mpeg file (619KB) taken with Sony Nightshot TRV9 camcorder equipped with a PF1 See Through Clothes filter, by an outdoor swim pool. )

Hi Lady friends and guys please forward to your girlfriends, daughters or wives,
The next time when you see someone (stranger) using a Digital Video Cam or Digital Camera pointing at you, don't think you are pretty and gorgeous. You are in danger in fact!! You might land yourself as a "starring" or "porn actress" in the XXX web-sites showing your naked body all over the world unaware. There are many pervert people doing this currently. Don't think they are just tourists or reporters. Please be awakened and alert when you are doing shopping in Big Malls, Airports, LRT Stations, Cinemas, Beaches, Hotels and so forth.......!!!!
Nowadays, technology in using high-tech cameras fixed with a type of lens called PF LENS, which can see through clothings. The PF LENS is able to see through most types of clothes, for examples, thin clothes, tight clothes, sun dresses, swimsuits and so forth. Be aware that this means that the person taking a snap on you can actually see your naked body both "upper and underpart" through the external garment. In other words, the PF Lens allows the camera man to "see through" someone's clothes.

Suggest that whenever you suspect some strangers holding a camera or Digicam pointing at you, try to avoid facing him (face to face). Quickly use your handbag or any shopping bags in hand to cover your whole front body (in case). Next, escape from the scene as soon as possible. This is to save a situation from landing yourself into the hands of evil.

Recently, many girls and housewives' naked photos were vastly distributed in the internet websites without them knowing. Perverts intentionally move around places where ladies usually frequent and took their nude shots. Imagine, one day your male friend come to you and tell you, he saw your naked pose in the web, how are you to face the situation????? Please take this as something very important and don't take this lightly in order to save a shameful and distressful situation.....!!!!!!
Finally, if you are concerned with many of your good lady friends, please make an effort to forward this message to them so that they are also saved from being victims of those perverts preying around them unaware...!!!

Sow how readers? Just beware kat keadaan sekeliling you all... Tutup2 mane yang patut if nampat ade orang cube ambik gambar or video area tempat you all tu key...


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