Saturday, March 3, 2012

Top 10 most annoying facebook Status...dushh!!

Hi readers...

I want to share something bout top 10 most annoying facebook status..well this entry i made it to all facebookers including me..who always update status bout thoughts, anger & so forth...huhu

So happy reading ok....

10. The Passive Aggressor

Isn’t it fun seeing someone take their psychological dismay out on Facebook? The passive-aggressive types think it’s a great idea posting a little dig on Facebook. But what’s funny is them actually thinking the object of that aggression is going to read it. Nope. *womp womp*

9. TMI – Too Much Information

Oh, yes… the status updates about one’s gynecological problems, financial troubles, husband’s baby mama drama, bad debts, and the like are probably TMI even for your closest friends. No really, it’s true. Your co-workers really want to know about your irregular bowel movements.

8. The Braggers

Okay, so you’ve scored a date with Bruno Mars, need to buy new jeans because your size 0’s are “too loose,” ate at the most exclusive restaurant downtown, blah-blah-blah. But no, don’’t get me wrong… I love that you are having a great time in Hawaii but I also didn’t ask for an hourly status report. Yeah, good for you. Whoopee.

7. The Annoying Teaser

Posting something ambiguous like, “Guess what just happened!” is kind of like asking which hand the rubber ball is in behind your back. A little childish, a little fun – but still annoying on the side of desperate. Oop, yeah! We said it!

6. One word update

Tired. Hungry. Bored. Yeah. We. Get. It…*yawn*

5. The Incomplete Thought

“So, wait, are you asking, telling, saying – what’s really going on here? Was there a typo? Don’t get it. So wait, what?”

4. Mr. Marketer

“I can’t believe my ex was checking out my page! Download FBProfileSPY NOW” or “Click here to see Osama Bin Laden Murder Hi-Def – HQ” and how about “OMG! I love my new Ipad 2. I got it FREE by clicking this link – that’s it! This is totally not a scam!” …we see it all the time. Sooooo annoying I just want to punch my friends in the face when I see them and worse if I don’t even really know these people! Mofo’s clogging up my wall! You ARE the weakest link, GOODBYE! *block*

3. Story Status Updates

For those who like to recap you on every detail you’ve missed while offline. These are exhausting. It’s the friend who just purchased her new computer. But wait, now the manual is missing. OK! Neat, found the manual! Just powered it up, wondering how to upload new software? Just uploaded new software, yay for Microsoft Word! Hey, does anyone know where to find the product registration key? -_____- Honestly – no one cares.

2. Depressed Bi-Polar Emo Cunt Status

I’m actually writing a paper on this as an actual medical condition. But seriously, maybe it’s just because I HATE whiners but I can’t stand people who never seem to be satisfied with anything. Those who ALWAYS have something to complain about. I understand the need to vent occasionally but why must every post have to be so damn pathetic, obviously crying out for sympathy and “pity likes”. Ugh, disgusting ;-x

1. The Relationship-Hopper

Chris is in a relationship.

Chris is in a relationship and it’s complicated.

Chris is engaged.

Chris is married.

Chris is widowed.

Chris is in an open relationship.

Chris is f*cking annoying… what the hell is that about, all happening in the same week. Like, really? Don’t make me block your @ss ‘cause you KNOW I will.


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